Nancy Keenan is an Anaconda native and alum of both The University of Montana and Montana State University who served as Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1988 to 2000. After losing to congressman Denny Rehberg in a fight for Montana's U.S. House seat she moved on to work with left-leaning advocacy group People for the American Way. In 2004 Keenan became the President of the National Abortion Rights Action League  NARAL - Pro Choice America.

In her role as the President of NARAL, Keenan spoke to the National Democratic Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Keenan's speech focused on the importance of women's rights in the 2012 election cycle. In order to show the difference between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, Keenan chose to highlight the story of Sandra Fluke who was belittled by talk show host Rush Limbaugh after a speech before congress.

"President Obama had the courage to stand with Sandra Fluke. Without hesitation he defended her right to tell her story, Mitt Romney did not. That moment illustrates what is at stake in this election. Put simply, women in America cannot trust Mitt Romney."

Keenan went on to say that Mitt Romney "would repeal Obamacare, taking away our access to better maternity and prenatal care and the law's near universal coverage of birth control." Adding that Romney "would overturn Roe vs. Wade and sign into law a wave of outrageous restrictions on a woman's ability to make decisions about her pregnancy."

To wrap up the speech, Keenan focused on a personal story about her relationship with her father and the smelting industry in Anaconda, Montana.