Montana's average price for a gallon of gas rose about 3 cents in the last week, bringing the total to around 3.77 a gallon. While Montana's price is climbing, the national price is going down at almost exactly the same speed. The national price slid 2.8 cents to an average total of $3.70. Despite the climbs, Montana's prices are still about a penny cheaper than they were a year ago and nearly dead even with gas prices last month. Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan with Gas says that Montana's prices will trend down from here. He estimates prices in the 3.60's within the next few weeks and perhaps even down to 3.50 in a month or so. Dehaan also took the time to debunk the commonly held theory that gas prices get jacked up right before holidays.

Perhaps  a bit of evidence in favor of Dehaan's argument, in the last 24  hours, Montana's prices have made a significant 2 cent drop.