Widely seen as a big win for Democrats, the recent decision by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act in general and the Individual mandate in particular has many Republican leaders on the offensive. Both Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill and Senate Candidate Denny Rehberg spoke out against the decision.

Hill says he was “disappointed” by the Supreme Courts ruling and that the Affordable Care Act will be “one of the two or three principal issues in the November campaign.” Hill also says that even Govern Schweitzer has acknowledged that the mandates in the Affordable Care Act will bankrupt Montana.

Congressman Denny Rehberg warned that "the power of the federal government through it's ability to simply construct every mandate as a tax is unlimited."  When asked  what kind of legislation Republicans in the House of representatives will be working on after the Fourth of July, Denny Rehberg offered a simple one word answer . . ."REPEAL."