Tomorrow, June 7 is election day, and voters who haven’t filled out their absentee ballots or gone to the polls need to do so soon. According to Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, Montanans still have a few hours to register to vote if they haven’t done so yet.

“66.1% have turned them in,” McCulloch said. “We have a record increase of 44.3% since the 2008 primary. In the 2014 primary, the percent of absentee ballots returned were just under 74% and in 2012 it was just over 77%.”

As of yesterday afternoon, more than half of absentee voters had mailed in their picks butr Montana was still behind the final turnout of the last two elections.

“They certainly can still register to vote,” McCulloch said. “They need to go to the election office the county office, or a place designated by an election official to get registered to vote then they can get a ballot right there. They can go home and fill it out or just fill it out right there and vote but all ballots have to be received into the county’s office by 8 p.m.”

McCulloch says she expects the final turnout for this primary to be higher than recent years, not only is it a presidential election year, but the democratic primary is still contested.