As of April 8, Montana's average gas price is now $3.34 per gallon. The price is up, even though national gas prices and oil prices both took a dive over the past week.

"Average prices across montana inched ever so slightly higher in the last week, rising about eight-tenths of a penny," said petroleum analyst for Gas Patrick DeHaan. "Meanwhile the national average has actually continued its downward trend falling four cents a gallon. I expect very little change in the next week, we may see prices fluctuate just a couple pennies, but, by-and-large, it should be a pretty quiet week."

The lowest prices in the state can be found in Great Falls and Billings. The Sam's Club in Great Falls, for example, is selling gas at $2.88 per gallon.

Oil prices saw significant declines over the past week, however, the impact of those decreases on local prices won't happen for quite some time.