Missoula County Public Schools has purchased a new bus routing program that will be used for the first time this year. The program is called Infofinder i and is connected to the Q registration system(formerly known as Zangle).

To find out where a child's bus will arrive, simply type your address (make sure it's the same address that was put into Zangle) into the Inforfinder i system and enter the child's school.

Beach transportation general manager Bob Mitchell says that the system has been "wonderful" and has  already cut bus concern calls from parents to both Beach transportation and to Missoula schools in half. In the long run, the new program could cut overhead costs to the system.

Interview with Beach Transportation general manager Bob Mitchell:

For parents who would like the bus route to change, a form must be downloaded and filled out. Changes within a couple blocks are unlikely to occur, however if a child lives a half mile away or in a heavy traffic area without sidewalks future changes in the route could be available.