Construction will take place at the Missoula International Airport this summer. Deputy Director Brian Ellestad explains exactly what the construction is all about:
“This summer’s construction is going to be more focused on the general aviation area and hanger development over on the east side of the airport,” said Ellestad. “Well over two and a half million dollars’ worth of construction will take place for new pavement, new access roads, utility corridor, and we are working with potential tenants for land side access to the airport.”
Ellestad says the airport may see even more improvements in the future.
“Right now our terminal building is big enough it is just in the wrong areas,” Ellestad said. “If you fly out of here our hold rooms are just too cramped for the larger size airplanes that are now flying in and out of Missoula. We are looking at if we need to re do that and if we do, temporary buildings may be needed.”
According to Ellestad, the temporary building project design phase and construction will take about three years to finally finish.