Fire managers are claiming that Stage 1 fire restrictions in Missoula County over the Fourth of July Weekend helped to limit the number of fires, but Montana DNRC Public Information Officer Crystal Beckman says there were more than just a few fire starts.

"For the State Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, we had some initial attack fires, 16 this week," Beckman said. "None did get over 10 acres. There was five lighting fires and nine human caused fires."

The biggest fire was the twin creek fire, but even that didn’t get too big.

"The largest fire was North West of Tomik, the twin creek fire, and that was at six acres," Beckman said. "Overall fire managers across the Missoula area are pleased with the public working with them on the fireworks restrictions, making sure they are careful not to ignite a fire. So, overall we are very pleased with how the weekend went."

Even though there was a little rain and cooler weather starting on Sunday, Beckman says the Stage 1 fire restrictions will continue for at least another week.