Fire danger in Missoula County is rising again this week.

Missoula area fire restriction coordinator Chris Johnson says the eastern section of the Lolo national forest located in Missoula county has jumped to "very high" as of Monday, July 22.

Lolo National Forest areas further west have been raised to "extreme" fire danger, this includes areas like Superior where the West Mullan Fire is evidence of how dangerous the elements can be.

Johnson says that the danger level was raised because of the increasing heat which fuels are able to produce now after a period of 90 degree plus days. He also says even more changes will be on the way next week.

"All the wildland fire agencies have agreed to go to stage 1 fire restrictions," said Johnson. "Starting next Thursday, at 12:01 a.m. August 1, we'll be starting Stage 1 restrictions which will limit where people can have campfires and where they can smoke."

Johnson says he hopes that the The increasing fire danger level will make more people more cautious about the risks they take with fire in the outdoors.

Chris Johnson