Do you have what it takes to become an election judge? Missoula County just so happens to be looking for such people who are willing to learn.

Every two years, the Missoula County Elections Office holds election judge training. New sessions are coming up this February and those certifications will be valid for a two-year cycle. This training is geared toward election judges who want to be a part of the process for the election cycles of 2014 and 2015.

Rebecca Connors with the Missoula County Elections Office said it's quite easy to become an election judge.

"To be qualified as an election judge, you must be 18 years or older, and be a registered voter in Montana," Connors said. "We also require that they attend the training. The one class that is required by law is three hours long. Once they attend that class, we put them on our roster for Election Day scheduling."

Connors said they are looking for around 700 to 800 judges to do numerous tasks throughout the day.

"In the past, we've traditionally recruited around 600," Connors said. "However, we're finding the need for people to work more shifts. A shift on Election Day is between seven and eight hours. We are looking for people to work more shifts at polling locations and at the election center at the fairgrounds. We're also looking for election center support staff, so people to help with parking and drive thru absentee drop off on Election Day."

Connors added that election judge is a paid public service position that pays a little over $8 an hour. There are also other positions with additional responsibilities, such as a polling place manager, that have higher pay rates to reflect those responsibilities.

Connors said that Montana statute requires people to be scheduled to the precinct they reside within. She also mentioned that equal representation of both Democrats and Republicans must be present at any one precinct.

For more information on becoming an election judge, visit or call 258-4751.