Mayor John Engen announced on Wednesday, March 19, that Dale Bickell will join the City of Missoula leadership team as Central Services Director as of May 5.

Bickell said he's making the jump from a county administrative post to a city administrative post.

"I've just accepted a position with the City of Missoula as their new Central Services Director," Bickell said. "This is a new position. They've basically reorganized their former chief financial officer position, and rather than have that person just oversee financial services, this position will also oversee all of the administrative functions of the city. It will encompass not only finance, but also human resources, information technology, the clerk's office, the motor pool and other such functions."

Bickell said he doesn't expect a revolt by the Missoula County Commissioners over the city luring one of their leadership team across the street.

"I can't promise that that wouldn't happen," Bickell laughed. "There's always been a good relationship between the city and the county. The commissioners understand my position, that I've been in my current job for 14 years, and it was time for a change. The commissioners will begin a search immediately to fill my position of chief administrative officer."

Missoula County Chief Administrative Officer Dale Bickell