On Tuesday, November 12, Emmit Hogsten, 45, received a sentence of 50 years in the Montana State Prison with 30 years suspended after he stabbed his wife, Jennifer, repeatedly until the knife broke and she escaped to a nearby business.

Senior Deputy County Attorney Patricia Bower said on Wednesday, November 13, that Hogsten was charged with attempted deliberate homicide and tampering with evidence for the incident that occurred on November 13, 2012.

"The way I have him charged, he repeatedly stabbed his soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer, and from the evidence, he intended to kill her," Bower said. "The only reason he stopped stabbing her was because the knife broke. He then tampered with the evidence by throwing the handle of the knife into a ditch."

Bower recommended a 50 year prison term for Hogsten to District Judge Karen Townsend.

"At sentencing on Tuesday, Judge Townsend went along with the state's recommendation, which was a 50 year commitment to the Montana State Prison with 30 years suspended," Bower said. "I also argued for a parole restriction for those 20 years, in that he would have no opportunity for parole before the 20 year sentence was completed."

Bower said Hogsten's ex-wife Jennifer made a statement to the court.

"She started by saying she lost 60 percent of her blood, and that she had been abused by him for four years," Bower said. "She said he should never get out, and that what happened to her shouldn't happen to anyone, and that what he did to her was unforgivable."

Bower said Hogsten also made a statement, but attempted to turn the blame for what happened on to his ex-wife.

"He began his statement by saying he was sorry for that night, and that it changed two people's lives," Bower said. "Then, the more he kept talking, he started blaming the victim, telling the judge that his ex-wife Jennifer was the one with the problem. At that point, Judge Townsend stopped him and made her ruling."

Senior Deputy County Attorney Patricia Bower: