An adult male is dead after a very tense standoff on a side road near Hwy 135 close to St. Regis. With guns drawn and bullet proof vests strapped on, Mineral County authorities, in cooperation with the Montana Highway Patrol held down the area near an intersection close to the OK Cafe, about one mile north of the St. Regis I-90 exit.

According to KPAX News: Two police cars on the opposite side of the highway were stationed with officers guarding themselves behind the doors and rear bumper, another police car parked on the opposite side of the highway closer to the gunman stood by. Police surveyed the nearby mountain with binoculars to get a closer look at the situation. The standoff went on for at least two and half hours before the man was killed. It is still unclear how the man died.

The cause for the altercation is still unknown as the Mineral County Sheriff's Department is remaining silent until the investigation draws to a close.