Missoula authorities are investigating the theft of mail and the tampering of checks that were cashed at local businesses that occurred on May 19 near the Wye, just west of Missoula.

photo courtesy of MCSD

Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Paige Pavalone said residents near Evaro learned their mail had been stolen from their mailbox, some containing checks that had been altered and cashed at local businesses.

"Someone called the original victim and said the victim's mail had been found in their front yard," Pavalone said. "Someone had stolen the mail with the checks inside right out of their mailbox, altered the checks and cashed them at three local businesses. One check was for over $700 dollars, and they were able to cash it successfully."

Pavalone provided a description of the suspect.

photo courtesy of MCSD

"The suspect is a tall, slender male, of Native American or Latino descent, with dark brown or black, short hair, and has a mustache and possibly a goatee," Pavalone said. "He was driving what we think is a four-door white Scion with dark tinted windows."

photo courtesy of MCSD

Photos of the suspect are included. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers at 721-44-44, or the Missoula County Sheriff's Department at 258-4810.

Sheriff's Spokesperson Paige Pavalone