The work of Lolo National Forest Fish Biologist Shane Hendrickson was recognized by the American Fisheries Society, and the contributions of the Nez Perce Tribe and local Montana chapter Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited were recognized with Forest Service Rise to the Future awards.

Regional fisheries program leader Scott Spalding said the awards are catered towards hard work and dedication:

"First, nationally, the Forest Service has a set of awards that are intended to highlight the great aquatic work that is occurring across the country--either for fisheries, hydrology, or for soils work," Spalding said. "The second one is an award through the American Fisheries Society and we get together as a Montana chapter once a year. Shane Hendrickson received the 'Professional Excellence Award' as recognition for his great contributions."

Spalding said Hendrickson was recognized by the Montana chapter of the American Fisheries Society as Natural Resource Professional of the Year for his excellence in aquatics work as well as his contributions to partnerships.

"With the American Fisheries Society, each state typically has kind of a local chapter, and that's where Shane was recognized among his peers of over 300 folks," Spalding said. "Then the national awards are big deals as well. You're competing against eight other regions within the Forest Service. You go back to Washington D.C. and are honored with some high levels, from either within the Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service, or a combination thereof."

Similarly, the Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Nez Perce tribes were nationally recognized by the Forest Service with Rise to the Future Awards for exemplary contribution to conserving the nation’s aquatic legacy, individually and in partnership with the Forest Service.