A Montana Rail Link locomotive experienced an electrical fire on Sunday afternoon, April 20, as it passed through Missoula.

Missoula City Fire Battalion Chief Steve Paske said the fire was contained within the electrical system on the locomotive.

"It ended up being the lead engine in a train that was coming through Missoula," Paske said. "The fire was contained inside what they call their dynamic brake component on top of the engine."

Paske said no other railroad cars or structures were in danger because of the fire.

"The fire was contained to the engine, and there was no other damage to the engine or anything else," Paske said. "There was no danger to the train or anything else."

The train was carrying crude oil from the Bakken fields. The electrical fire caused the train to block crossings in Missoula for about an hour on Sunday afternoon.

Missoula City Fire Battalion Chief Steve Paske