Montana's former Commissioner of Political Practices, David Gallik, is facing a lawsuit accusing him of using his government office and resources to conduct private business.

The Montana Policy Institute issued the lawsuit in February, but only recently has the case been unsealed.

Montana Policy Institute C.E.O. Carl Graham says the lawsuit was necessary because of the nature of the offense.

"Typically," says Graham, "a whistle blower would take a case like this to the Commissioner of Political Practices, but in this case the offense came from the commissioners office. There was no where else to go."

Graham says that employees who witnessed the misuse tried to bring the issue up with the Governor's office but not only did there attempts fail, they backfired by creating a hostile workplace environment when Gallik found out about the complaints.

Interview about the lawsuit with Montana Policy Institute C.E.O. Carl Graham:

The lawsuit relies on Montana's False Claims Act, and includes not only Former Commissioner David Gallik, but also his wife Gail, the Governor's Chief of Staff, Vivian Hammill, and Department of Administration official Paula Stoll.