Justice of the Peace Landee Holloway more than doubled the suggested bail amount for 21 year-old Samuel Swapinski, calling his alleged sexual assault on a female neighbor 'predatory'.

According to court documents, Swapinski allegedly forced himself on his female neighbor in an apartment complex in the 1600 block of 13th Avenue early in Wednesday morning. Swapinski knocked on the victim's door until she woke up and answered it, at which point he walked in with a bottle of rum and a beer. He then began kissing the victim and forcing himself on her until she was able to get away, at which point her two year-old child woke up and she demanded that he leave.

Deputy County Attorney Selene Koepke asked Judge Holloway for $20,000 bail, because the defendant had no apparent previous criminal history.

Judge Holloway instead more than doubled Swapinski's bail to $50,000, calling his alleged sexual assault on the victim 'predatory'.

His next court appearance will be August 18.

Another case involving sexual assault was heard in justice court that allegedly occurred in 2013.

32 year-old Carl Swiney was charged with sexual abuse of a child. Deputy County Attorney Koepke asked for bail of $100,000 and explained the details to Judge Holloway.

"The defendant is charged with the sexual abuse of his four year-old nephew," Koepke said. "He confessed to multiple incidents. The State believes that jail may not be the best place for this defendant, but we feel we do need screening and careful thought about placement before he is released."

The public defender told the judge that Swiney was mentally delayed, and asked that he be placed with his mother, who has been his caregiver all his life.

Judge Holloway set bail at $50,000, and allowed placement with his mother after bond is posted, with the condition that he have absolutely no contact with the victim.

Swinely's next court appearance will be on August 18.