You learn a lot about a person after you observe them when they're drunk, and that's especially true when that person is KGVO radio personality Jon King, a non-drinker.

Jon took part in a Montana Highway Patrol 'wet-lab' experiment at the Montana State Crime Lab on Tuesday afternoon. Under controlled conditions King drank the equivalent of eight beers, and then was given a Breathalyzer test, and performed several physical tests put to him by Highway Patrol Instructor Curt Sager.

After drinking eight beers, King's blood alcohol level was .158, almost twice the legal limit of .08. Several other journalists from various TV stations and the Missoulian also took part in the test to emphasize the importance of not drinking and driving.

Almost without exception, each of the reporters tested felt they were in good enough shape to drive, despite the physical evidence of their intoxication, something Trooper Sager says is normal for those who have been drinking.

The conclusion? First...Jon is a very funny drunk. He is loud and playfully argumentative, and as you will hear in the audio interview, he also felt perfectly able to drive after testing at .158. The Highway Patrol wants people celebrating over the Labor Day weekend to have a designated driver and make the choice ahead of time not to drink and drive.

KGVO Newsman Jon King