Here's an important note for Montana Grizzly football season ticket holders...don't procrastinate!

Executive Director for the Grizzly Scholarship Association Greg Sundberg says there is an important deadline coming up for season ticket holders.

"The deadline for season ticket holders to renew is coming up this Wednesday, May 1. Of course, people want to make sure they claim their season tickets, because the 2013 season promises to be an exciting one," Sundberg said.

"What happens after May 1, is that we take a few weeks to see how many season tickets are still available and then we open them up to fans in the first week in June. so, for those folks who are interested in season tickets, there'll be another round of information on how folks can get their hands on them," Sundberg continued.

And the cost?

"$257 is the cost for a season ticket which this year will include six home games, including the first game of the season against visiting FCS powerhouse Appalachian State on August 31. So, we're looking forward to kicking off the season with Appalachian State returning to Washington Grizzly stadium," Sundberg said.

Get details  by calling the Grizzly ticket office at  243- 4051, or coll toll-free at 1-888-MONTANA.

Grizzly Scholarship Association Executive Director Greg Sundberg