Averaging $3.61 per gallon, gas prices in the state haven’t changed much in the last week. Senior Analyst Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy.com said as far as Montana and specifically Missoula is concerned, prices are relatively stable:

"You can shop around," DeHaan said. "$3.54 at Costco, $3.57 at quite a few Town Pumps, you can get caught paying up to $3.51, even $3.71=0 at some stations. So, prices have inched down ever so slightly in the past week, but now we're seeing some downward momentum that's taking place in oil prices. That should help gas prices in the upcoming days and weeks."

DeHaan said nationwide, prices have actually dropped and are going to continue dropping over the next few weeks.

"The national average has dropped about three and a half cents per gallon in the last week alone," DeHaan said. "A lot of areas in the country are seeing price drops approaching 10 cents per gallon in the last week. Montana is a little bit slower to react. We might not see it immediately, but we're certainly expecting some relief across Missoula and the rest of the state as well."

As of Monday afternoon, the national average sat at $3.60 per gallon and is expected to continue its decline.