HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Five recent Capital High School graduates and a janitor are charged with vandalizing the school.

The Independent Record reported Wednesday that 18-year-olds Corbin Fuchs, Quay Painter, Grant Clark, Justin Roope and Sam Schmeltzer are charged with burglary and accountability to criminal mischief.

Police believe 20-year-old custodian Sam Tielking let the students into the building early on May 31 and helped them escape detection. He faces charges of accountability to both burglary and criminal mischief.

Prosecutors say a substance first believed to be fecal matter, but that was later found to be coyote attractant, was placed in two microwave ovens and a refrigerator in the teachers' lounge.

Automotive fluid damaged a $2,100 laser printer and two scanners, elk urine was poured on a computer keyboard and water was dumped on the floor.