Missoula County Commissioners will hold the final hearing on the fiscal year 2013 budget on Wednesday  at 1:30 p.m. in room B14 in the basement of the County’s administration building.

The hearing will include a presentation of the County’s revenue and expenditure picture for the coming fiscal year. As proposed, the final budget includes a 2.52 mill increase, or approximately a 1.39% increase in property taxes related to County operations. That increase equates to a $5.35 annual property tax increase on a home with an assessed market value of $200,000. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. More information on the County’s fiscal year 2013 budget is provided on the County’s website.

Chief Missoula County Financial Officer Andrew Czorney says one part of the budget that has made the news recently is the request by County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg for up to $100,000 to defend his office against the United States government regarding the release of information on sexual assaults. Czorney says $50,000 has been approved for that request.

County CFO Andrew Czorney