Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian says he is gratified to see the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Bureau begin the process of investigating the way the University of Montana has been handling the sexual assaults that have been reported on campus and in the city. Christian says the University has been very open to investigators and hopes that the result will be improved techniques and communication between students and campus officials.

Christian says his office has not been directly contacted by federal officials, but University President Royce Engstrom has been in touch with his office since the outset. Christian says he believes the University of Mointana and the University system itself will be stronger because of the investigations.

Christian also says a separate investigation into the football program by the NCAA was intended to be confidential even though details came to light through the media. He says the NCAA has not communicated the purpose of their investigation to his office.

On the matter of the student athlete who has appealed a decision by a student court in favor of expulsion to the Commissioners office, Christian says there is no particular timeline for that decision to be released. He says all student matters are confidential due to federal law.

Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian