We see it every election year. Candidates scrambling for votes and fighting each other until the very end. Campaign ads run for both parties, but instead of staying positive about their candidate, they are often negative about the others. Remember, they are attacking the person who will eventually be in the white house.

President Obama perhaps says it the best in the video posted below when he says: "I do notice that he doesn't seem to have anything very positive to say about himself does he?"

According to Gallup.com, Obama's latest approval rating was 45%, taken from the week of January 9-15. I believe being the President is hard enough without having to fight an uphill battle against half the voters in the nation. After all, the person being sworn into office should win because they are the best candidate. I feel positive ads should hold more weight than negative ones about other candidates.

I'd like to hear from you, what do you think? Answer the poll located below and share your feelings on the matter. Being a part of a democracy, let's exercise our biggest power, our opinions.