Dirk Adams, who is running for U.S. Senate in the Democratic Primary in Montana, has ruffled some feathers with comments he made during a debate on Saturday when he said Missoula homeowner Markus Kaarma was “hunting” when he shot German Exchange student Diren Dede in his garage. Adams also suggested that Kaarma “needs to be put through the wood chipper,” for hunting Dede.

"Obviously the judicial process has to work, but it was more of a polemic than anything else," said Adams, explaining his remarks. "But, the facts suggest that, in effect, the victim was teased into entering the garage, and I think that kind of thing is not 'stand your ground.' I think that kind of thing is hunting and we don't do that."

Adams apologized if he offended anyone with his “wood chipper” comment, which was an allusion to a graphic scene from the movie Fargo.

"If our political sensitivities are so refined that I can't say 'wood chipper,' gosh, I'm going to be disappointed," Adams said. "I mean, it's a reference to the movie, and if I offended anybody, I certainly do apologize."

Adams insisted that he wasn’t trying to pre-judge the case, and says he will be more careful about using the term wood chipper in the future.

Dirk Adams: