Following the release of a new VA Inspector General interim report showing that Arizona veterans were forced to wait an average of 115 days before receiving their first appointment, Representative Steve Daines once again called on VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign.Daines demanded new leadership and accountability on Wednesday saying such delays and "inappropriate scheduling practices" are widespread throughout the VA healthcare system.

"The time for words and more promises from the administration and VA leadership has long passed," Daines said. "Our nation's veterans deserve action and results that immediately work to correct the systemic negligence that is further exposed by this report. Secretary Shinseki served honorably during his military career, but this report shows that as VA Secretary, he has failed to take the necessary action to fix the severe problems within the VA healthcare system."

The report also said the 115 day wait was far greater than the 24 day wait period that the VA in Phoenix had claimed.

"If he will not do so voluntarily, President Obama should demand Secretary Shinseki's immediate resignation and name a replacement who will instill accountability at all levels of the VA system and implement reforms to ensure veterans quickly receive the health care they need," he said.

It was reported last week that the director of the Phoenix VA healthcare facility, where the VA IG study took place, was paid a bonus of $8,495 in April despite being under investigation by the inspector general at that time.