In a surprising turn of events, the U.S. House of Representatives broke its four-year streak of intransigence on budgetary matters Wednesday by passing the Ryan-Murray budget.

The bill passed with detractors on both sides and may pass the Senate too if it can gather some republican support. Democrats bemoan the lack of an increase in unemployment insurance while Republicans regret an increase in spending.

Montana congressman Steve Daines voted against the deal. When asked why, he released this statement:

“While I’m encouraged by ongoing efforts to develop bipartisan proposals and commend Chairman Ryan and Chairman Murray for their work to find agreement, I am concerned that this budget proposal does not provide Montanans with a much-needed solution to our debt crisis. Rather than taking serious and needed steps to address Washington’s spending addiction and growing debt, this budget relies largely on spending cuts many years from now to offset immediate spending increases. We need to continue working toward real solutions that get our country back on track and ensure a better future for the next generation.”

The Senate is expected to take up the bill during the week before Christmas.