According to a new article by Politico, Montana Senior Senator Max Baucus is likely to be tapped as the next U.S. ambassador to China.

According to the article titled " nominate Senator Max Baucus as next Ambassador to China" by Maggie Habberman and Manju Raju, Baucus "planned to begin informing his colleagues and his staff about his upcoming nomination on Wednesday [December 18] evening."

The announcement, if true, poses an interesting political situation. If Baucus vacates his seat before the end of 2014, when the seat would normally go up for reelection, Montana Governor Steve Bullock would need to appoint someone to fill the seat in the interim.

KGVO news has contacted Baucus' staff to find out more information. Here is the response we received:

I cannot confirm the nomination – that is totally up to the White House.

I can say on the record that it’s natural that Max would be under consideration given his breadth of experience and depth of knowledge necessary for this important position.

Max is a smart choice for this position. He has the credentials; he has the gravitas that make him a natural for this role.

Like his mentor, Senator Mansfield, Max truly understands the importance of U.S. relationships in Asia. Will let you know more as I hear more.