The people of Billings are outraged over the sentence given to a convicted rapist. The total time Stacey Rambold will spend in jail - 30 days.

Stacy Rambold, a former Billings Senior High School teacher, was found guilty of sex without consent with a 14-year-old student in 2008. Tragedy struck again in 2010 when the girl involved committed suicide just before turning 17 while the case was still pending.

This week, a Montana judge sentenced Stacy Rambold to 30 days in jail for his crimes. When explaining his decision, Yellowstone County Judge G. Todd Baugh said the victim was "as much in control of the situation" as the adult Stacy Rambold and that she was older than her "chronological age."

Why do we have age limit laws on such things as voting, smoking, drinking alcohol, and joining the military if in a situation that deems as much objectionable truth as this one, a judge simply throws the standards out the window?

The deceased girl's mother screamed "You people suck!" during the sentencing on Monday. What would you have yelled if this was your daughter?