Photo courtesy of Ruth King

Some Montana Voters have already had a chance to fill out ballots for the 2014 elections.

"We have been busy," said Montana Secretary of State Linda McCullouch. "On Friday [April 18], we mailed out almost 1,000 ballots, so that started out our election season. We mailed those out to military voters. We also offer an electronic absentee system so that they can go online."

McCullouch said that 12 military personnel had already gone online to the Secretary of State's website and used the "My Voter Page" to get their ballot.

"They can actually register to vote right up until 8 p.m. on election day," McCullouch said. "They can get their ballot through our election absentee system. They just need to go on and get their specific ballot and send it back to their elections office. We get a lot of feedback from military personnel who say they've never been able to vote before, and now they have."

Absentee ballots for Montanans that aren’t in the military will be sent out on May 5. Federal law requires that military personnel receive ballots at least 45 days before an election.