This fall, a student-led Neighborhood Ambassador Program will welcome University District student renters into their new neighborhood. Director Katherine Brady with the ASUM Renter Center said the ambassador program, along with University District volunteers will deliver 100 welcome bags to student-rented residences located in the University District neighborhood.

"What we aim to do is we've gotten about 100 welcome bags with different materials in them that are meant to kind of guide student renters to help them acclimate to their new community," Brady said. "so we're recruiting neighbors to help us deliver those to students that are moving in this fall."

Brady said similar programs throughout the country have had success in fostering positive university and neighborhood relations.

"The program encourages residents to bridge the gap between student renters and permanent residents from the get-go," Brady said. "We are hoping that this will contribute to an improved quality of life for all residents."

Brady said UM faculty and staff members residing in the area are encouraged to participate in the bag distribution.

The welcome bags will be delivered to students Friday, August 22 through Sunday, August 24.