What began as a day of play in Missouri Headwaters State Park ended in tragedy when an 8-year-old girl slipped into the river while playing in sight of her mother.

"All of the details are not known exactly, but she was by the edge of the river," said Gallatin County Undersheriff Dan Springer. "She was in the water there throwing rocks, and then she slipped and went into the water."

This is the second day of searching by a rescue force of nearly 50, which has has been probing the area with boats, from the shore, and even from helicopter, but has turned up little information about the little girl who has been missing since around 7:30 p.m. last Sunday evening, April 19.

Springer says volunteer Search and Rescue teams from multiple counties have joined in the search including from Lewis and Clark County, Broadwater County, Madison County, and Flathead County. Despite all of the help, the search is tough and treacherous.

"It's the confluence of two rivers, and it is a large search area," Spring said. "these are very dangerous waters: lots of dead fall and debris, especially where the confluence occurs."

Some of the river pockets are thought to be 30 feet deep, so finding the girl may continue to prove difficult, but rescue teams appear to be determined to search until the girl is found.

"We are committed to taking as long as it takes, and spending as much time as we need to," Springer said. "We're committed to finding her and helping the family to get some resolution."

At this point in time, the girls name has not yet been released, but Spring was able to confirm that she is a Montana resident from Gallatin County.