Representatives from the offices of the Montana State auditor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State will meet Tuesday, Nov. 27 to finalize the 2012 election results.

Communications Officer for Secretary of State Linda Mccullough, Terri McCoy says the process is "a public meeting"  during which the representatives "will open the canvassed results form the county canvass. They will then go through those results and certify the state races."

"The results are unofficial until after the state canvas is complete," explains McCoy, "because there could be a small chance that there are some changes."

The canvassing begins at 10 A.m. on Nov. 27 and could last until Wednesday.

McCoy says the big changes have already occurred with the addition of provisional ballots and that there is little chance that any election results change after the canvassing process is finished.