A University of Montana student recently received the Hearst Journalism Award. Sarah Yovetich is a senior majoring in Journalism at UM and she talks about how she was recognized for such an accomplishment.

“I was put up for a Hearst Award this year which is a competition between huge schools nationwide and basically all of the students submit pieces,” said Yovetich. “They can be serious news stories, sports features, everything from TV, to multimedia, to regular news writing. I was lucky enough to have tied 12th place among some huge schools in the nation for a piece that I did on budget cuts in the University.”

Yovetich says the idea behind the story didn’t come to fruition until students got involved.

“We actually pitched the budget cuts idea like a month before we actually did the story,” Yovetich said. “We didn’t really think anything was going to become of it mostly because we thought it would blow over and people would stop being upset over it, but then it turned into students actually being upset about it, planning protests, secret meeting if you will with professors and community members. That’s where we got the idea for the story.”

According to Yovetich, it took three weeks for her and her photographer, Peter Riley, to put the story together. The story can be seen here: