Townsquare Interactive – Meet Patrick

Web Design: Our professional web designers have a particular talent for creating engaging, mobile-optimized websites that can reach your potential clients at home and on the go.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Want to be easy to find online? A good SEO strategy is essential. Our analysts will create a list of keywords specific to your location so Google can start ranking you.

Social Media Marketing: Work with a social media producer who can increase your visibility on the web, engage your audience and build community. Read about three social media mistakes you might be making.

Mobile Website Optimization: All of our websites are responsive and mobile-optimized, which means you can reach your audience wherever they are, not just when they're using their home computer.

Contact Patrick Davis, your local Townsquare Interactive online marketing consultant, at (406) 274-4360 or for your free business consultation and get started marketing differently, today.