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Jimmy Scott — the Voice of an Angel
Thank you for Facebook, for without it I would never have learned of Jimmy Scott's passing with such immediacy via my friend Sharyn Felder's newsfeed. Last night we lost an incredibly gifted singer and interpreter of jazz and song whose voice, Lou Reed said, was that of an angel...
Catch the Big One at Paradise Falls
We begin the 2014 season of Catchin' the Big Ones radio show on Friday, March 7! The radio show will be recorded at a new location, Paradise Falls on the Banks of Brooks in Missoula. Catchin' the Big Ones will cover western and central Montana fishing on the rivers and lakes.
Jordan Graham's Friends Tell of Her Strange Behavior
During the afternoon of the second day of her murder trial, Jordan Graham's friends, who were with her when she found her husband's body in Glacier National Park, testified about her behavior they viewed as uncharacteristic for the situation.
Graham is accused of pushing her newlywed husban…
Jordan Graham Interviews at Kalispell Police Station
Part of the focus of the second day of the Jordan Graham trial was a review for the jury of past interviews with authorities. During one interview in particular, conducted by Detective Cory Clark at the Kalispell Police Department on July 10, Graham appears to be very uncomfortable as Clark tries to…
Cooley Street Standoff in Missoula Ends Suspect Surrenders
Update 3 p.m., Sept. 24 - Jason Kirchner, 35, of Missoula, appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Tuesday, September 24 to hear charges surrounding the nearly 24-hour standoff on Cooley Street in which shots were fired at law enforcement officers, dozens of people were displaced from their homes, and…
The New Healthcare Powers of The IRS
As Americans watch congressional hearings on the Internal Revenue Service, they should ask themselves what this enormously powerful, corrupt, politically motivated agency might do with its new job of administering ObamaCare.
50k for Missoula
Reader's Digest empowers Americans to improve their communities with the return of the We Hear You America campaign, and Missoula is in the running.