The fight over whom to blame over late tax payments and other issues in Ravalli County government has intensified over the first week in February.

On Monday, Ravalli county commissioners drafted a letter, notifying county treasurer Valelrie Stamey that she had been requested to attend a public hearing over allegations that she had failed to make monthly reports to the commission, failed to receive and disburse public money, and failed to provide an account of government cash receipts and deposits (see letter below).

Stamey says that there is corruption among the county commissioners and that even though an audit and an investigation are supposed to be going on, that she has not been contacted.

"It's just very astonishing to us, that after I've made the claims of the corruption and the charges that we have, that we've had no communication from them whatsoever," Stamey said. "They haven't asked us, 'could you tell us what has happened' or anything like that. If there is indeed an investigation ongoing, it appears to be on the side of the people that don't believe I'm telling the truth."

Stamey says she is attempting to go outside the county to get a full investigation

"I can tell you that my attorney, Mr. Meyers, and I did meet with the FBI last Friday," Stamey said. "We shared all of our information with them. We certainly believe that this should be investigated by the attorney general and/or the FBI."

This week, Kathy Allard a former treasurer in Beaverhead County has begun working to clean up the books in Ravalli, a public informational meeting about the Treasurers office is scheduled for February 18th.

Below is a copy of the actual letter letter sent to Stamey. According to the commissioner's office, the letter was put in the mail on Tuesday, February 4.

Dear Ms. Stamey:

You are hereby notified that Ravalli County is conducting an investigation concerning whether you failed to meet the requirements of § 7-6-2113, MCA, by neglecting or refusing to settle or report as required in § 7-6-612, MCA. A meeting of the Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to hear the matter on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, at 2:00 pm in the Commissioners’ meeting room in the Administration Building, 215 S 4th Street, Hamilton, Montana. This meeting will be open to the public. If the Board determines that you have refused to settle or report as required, the statute § 7-6-2113, MCA, provides: “the county treasurer forfeits and shall pay to the county the sum of $500 for each neglect or refusal. The board of county commissioners shall institute suits for the recovery of the sum.”

The alleged omissions include, but are not limited to, failing to:

1. Make a detailed monthly report to the governing body of the county of all receipts, disbursements, debt, and other proceedings of the treasurer's office;

2. Receive, disburse, and serve as the custodian of all public money; and

3. Provide for accountability of all local government cash receipts and for deposits and investments of all departments, offices, and boards.

You are entitled to respond to this investigation; also, to attend the meeting and respond verbally or in writing. You should provide any evidence you have indicating your compliance with §§ 7-6-2113 and 612, MCA, or otherwise constituting a defense. Your failure to respond may be deemed a waiver, and the Board may reach a decision and act upon the information presented at the February 18, 2014 meeting.


Greg Chilcott,

Ravalli County Commission Chairman