Yet another Missoula man is in custody for strangling his girlfriend. The incident occurred early Wednesday morning when police received a call from a woman who claimed that 30-year-old Daniel Zufall violently attacked her.

"It started out as an argument, when the suspect came home after being out, without the victim, the suspect became more and more angry until the point where he ran from another room and tackled her to the floor," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "He then used both hands and then a single hand to impede her breathing by putting them around her throat."

The woman was able to break away from Zufall, but somehow cut open her foot during the fight. She ran to her sister for help. Meanwhile, Zufall inadvertently drove right into police custody.

"The victim's sister's boyfriend actually got the victim's cellphone back for her and convinced the suspect to leave the residence," Welsh said. "The suspect then pulled into a nearby gas station where a police officer was fueling his own vehicle. The officer that was there recognized the suspect as the suspect's description and a vehicle description had just gone out over the radio."

Zufall is now facing six charges including two felony charges. On top of the felony assault charge, Zufall added a felony criminal mischief charge after apparently damaging his girlfriend's car.