Former Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger may be jumping out of the race to be the next U.S. Senator from Montana if his democratic primary competitor John Walsh is chosen as a political appointment.

"The wind was taken from my campaign sales when Senator Baucus announced that he would be resigning his seat to become our ambassador to China," Bohlinger said. "This, of course, gives our governor an opportunity to name a replacement. My fear is that he'll name John Walsh."

Bohlinger said that if Walsh is appointed he may reconsider his run altogether because his competitor would have the equivalent of a 40-yard head start in a track-and-field race.

"If the governor should choose John Walsh as Baucus' replacement, I would give serious thought to withdrawing from the race," Bohlinger said. "If Walsh is chosen then, you know, I'm running against an incumbent and an incumbent has such an incredible ability to raise money. He has instant name recognition and status, it makes it almost impossible to win."

Bohlinger says that, if given the opportunity to make an appointment, Montana Governor Steve Bullock should first offer the senate seat to former Governor Brian Schweitzer. If Schweitzer turns down the offer (as he has said he would do), Bohlinger recommends either former congressman Pat Williams or former Montana State Senate Majority Leader Carol Williams.

John Bohlinger:

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