Affordable housing in Montana has been an important topic over the past few years. Being able to afford to live in Montana has become more difficult for many. Some renters have seen their rent jump dramatically. Missoula has seen the release of their property revaluations this past July. For someone who has been looking to get into a home and if you qualify, here is an opportunity you may want to consider.

Small Missoula Home is For Sale

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is located at 1705 Montana Street #F. The home is 588 square feet and is priced at $135,972. The price of the home is firm, there will be no higher offers taken on the home. There are other qualifications that a future purchaser will need to meet in order to be able to purchase this home. For example:

  • Buyers must earn at or below 80% of Missoula's Area Mean Income according to the latest HUD income limits.
  • Interested buyers that qualify will need to submit an application by September 8th 2023. There will be a random drawing on September 15th 2023 for the chance to purchase the home.

Opportunities Like This in Missoula Don't Come Along Too Often

This is a situation that doesn't happen too often in Missoula. According to the city of Missoula's neighborhoods profiles the 2022 media home sales price for Missoula was $519,000. This home being priced below the Missoula median home price is the reason there will be a drawing for the opportunity to purchase the home. This home is located on a leased lot in a Trust Montana affordable housing development. The price for leasing the land is $40 per month.

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