Montana is a state that loves it's animals. Just drive around for any length of time and you will see a variety. Whether it is a deer or a dog in a car sticking it's head out a window. When you go to festivals around the state you will see people with their dogs listening to the music.

Montana Doesn't Just Take Care of Pets

Not all animals in Montana are pets. There are a lot of people in Montana who use animals as their livelihood. Whether that means ranching, or fishing and hunting guides, animals are a big part of Montana.

Montana Is One of the Best States For Animals

According to, Montana is one of the "Best States For Animals". When I looked at this information, I assumed they were talking about people and their pets. That is only part of the story. They did look at pets, but they also looked at how other states treat their animals when it comes to "state land designated for parks and wildlife to vulnerability to climate change."


Overall Montana came in at number 13 for the best states for animals, not bad compared to other states. There are a couple metrics that were measured where Montana ranks much higher.

When it comes to "animal wellness" Montana ranks higher than any other state in the country. We take care of our animals. We also take care of our pets. Montana ranks number 2 when it comes to the "most veterinarians per 1,000 pet owning households". If you are an animal, whether you are a pet, livestock, or roaming wild, Montana is one of the best states to live in.

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