The social media post asks, "Would you live here?"

Back to the Future II may have predicted "the future" would arrive in 2015 but it seems that the 2020s are the decade of advancement.

We learned last week, for example, that by 2029 new cars will have automatic emergency braking systems and that AI is trying to tell you how to cook now. But the latest advancement to circulate online is simpler, yet still comes with red tape.

A carless community.

The Instagram reel below says the first one has been built in Tempe, Arizona and that more communities like it are planned but that specific permits are necessary.

Obviously, this would be challenging in Montana for a lot reasons, but mostly because many Montana lifestyles require a car, not to mention everything is so spread out.

But part of the appeal for a community like this is living in a walkable community with all amenities nearby. Yes, it seems a bit romantic, and then it reminded me of the wild-west-themed town that's for sale just outside of Helena.

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What if someone purchased Frontier Town and turned it into a carless community?

Bannack State Park, for example, only allows for walking. The idea of a carless community doesn't seem like that far of a stretch. But a much more plausible idea is to embed one of these communities in one of Montana's cities.

With the right amount of planning, and investors (and, and, and), I could easily see Missoula sustaining a carless neighborhood. Put another way, it's basically just the U of M campus. Missoula already has a healthy public transit system and is recognized for being bike-friendly, a carless community seems like the next logical step.

So, would you live in a carless community?

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