The annual "gathering of the ruggers" is coming soon. The internationally famous "Maggotfest," will be hosting its annual tournament starting May 18th thru the 20th.

Missoula Maggots Rugby has been hosting this event for 47 years now.

Get ready for some action-packed rugby matches at Fort Missoula, as well as some beer-soaked clothing at the ever-popular barn dance.

According to the official website:

The emphasis at Maggotfest is on both the competition of the sport and on the social aspects of rugby. Clubs attend from all over the world, US and Canada. Maggotfest regularly features top first and second division clubs looking to test their skills, as well as social sides out for good matches and good times. Teams are encouraged to not only play great rugby, but are HIGHLY encouraged to win the party, wear costumes, play with sportsmanship, and have fun!

It is one of the most famous rugby tournaments in the world. Every year, people from all over the globe flock to Missoula. Locals can tell when the tournament is happening just by the number of foreign accents in the air, with a fair share of cheeky rugby team shenanigans all over town. Don't be surprised if you witness a grown man in a baby diaper. Or an entire team of hairy men wearing 2 piece thong bikinis. It is just another fun year of hosting a world-famous rugby match.

If you have never experienced "Maggotfest," it is one of the annual celebrations that make Missoula truly AWESOME!

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