Today marks the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. A day known as D-Day. Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives storming the beaches of France, in an attempt to take back Europe from the Nazis. Men from every corner of the country stormed the beaches, including a couple tough Montana boys.

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Dozens of Montana boys participated in the legendary invasion. Most of them either part of the Army Airborne and 1st infantry division or members of the U.S. Air Force.

The 70th Anniversary Of The D-Day Landings Are Commemorated In Normandy
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The website shows that at least two veterans hailed from Sweet Grass County and Valley County. Two members of the 82nd Airborne were from Teton County. Six vets hailed from Stillwater County and Toole County. Four Airborne and Air Force veterans came out of Yellowstone County. The counties with the highest number of D-Day vets were Silver Bow County, which was home to six veterans of D-DAY, consisting of Airborne, Rangers, "Big Red 1" and Air Force.