The snow storms have caused major changes in day-to-day operations in Ravalli County. Only essential county offices were open Tuesday, February 26, with reduced personnel. The City of Hamilton cancelled the City Council's committee of the whole meeting Tuesday night.

The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department would like citizens to try to clear snow away from fire hydrants. It will make it easier for the crews should a fire break out in your neighborhood. The Ravalli County Sheriff suggested that residents check their gas and heater vents around their homes to make sure they are clear of snow and ice. If they become blocked, gas furnace pilot lights could go out and could cause natural gas or deadly carbon monoxide to build up in the house.

The corner of 3rd and Main in Hamilton, looking across the intersection at Bell McCall. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

And, if you're driving around, make sure you have winter survival gear in the car - blankets, lights, some extra food and a cellphone charger for your car, to name a few items. And drive carefully!