Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On December 11, 2023, a Missoula Police Department Officer responded to a residence in the 2800 block of Great Northern Loop at the request of Montana Probation and Parole to assist in the search of a probationer’s residence. Upon entry, officers found the residence was occupied by four individuals, including 39-year-old Lindsey Tracy who is also a probationer.  

Tracy was in the only bedroom of the residence and the officer located a green purse. Within the purse, the officer located five fentanyl pills. The purse also contained a used 1mL hypodermic syringe, a cut straw with burnt residue, and Tracy’s ID card. 

The officer placed Tracy under arrest and advised her of her Miranda Rights. Tracy stated she understood and agreed to speak. Tracy stated she did not know where the suspected fentanyl pills in her purse came from. Tracy was transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility and remanded to jail staff.  

Jail Staff Finds More Drugs 

While finalizing the paperwork, the officer was requested by a Detention Officer to come to the changing room. Upon entering the changing room, the officer observed approximately 20 fentanyl pills in Tracy’s pants and scattered over the floor. The officer also observed approximately 70 fentanyl pills on the other side of the toilet in the changing room. 

According to court documents, the detention officer advised that pills began to fall when Tracy sat on the toilet and took off her pants. The officer began collecting the pills from the floor and the toilet. The officer then asked Tracy where the pills came from. Tracy stated the pills came from the silicone container that the officer found in her purse.  

Tracy Explains Where the Drugs Came From 

Upon further inquiry, Tracy stated when law enforcement arrived at the residence everyone began to scatter. Tracy said she observed a female go into the bathroom with two black duffle bags. Tracy did not know what was in the duffle bags. Tracy stated the bags were sitting next to a chair in the living room before the female took the bags into the bathroom. After the female exited the bathroom, Tracy observed the silicone container on the floor in front of the bathroom with the pills inside. 

Tracy stated she panicked, shoved the pills down her pants, placed the silicone container in her purse, and put her purse in the bedroom. Tracy stated she put the pills in her pants because she did not want law enforcement to find them.

Tracy is currently being charged with felony tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs.  

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.  

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