At Townsquare Media Missoula, we do our best to support our local community in the most impactful ways possible. All of the content creators you see below live, work and play in the same places as you and your families -- and we know that what happens right here matters to you most. We hope you find that our original local content (found on our website and free mobile app) informs and entertains you as much as we enjoy creating it. Get to know each of us a little more by checking out our "behind the byline" facts below:

What Do You Know

Join Scott and Arnie every week as they have a lively and informative chat about everything and anything... except the things that everyone else is talking about.

Ace Sauerwein

Before you ask, Ace is my middle name and no I was not named after Ace Ventura or Ace Frehley. People began calling me Ace in youth sports, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Sports is the reason I moved to Missoula in October 202…

Peter Christian

My career began as a DJ in 1973 in Helena and I moved over to Missoula in 1976. My news career began in 1999 when I took over what was then called ‘The Morning News Express’ and I’ve been hosting the ‘Montana Morning News Show’ ev…

Nick Chrestenson

Hey everyone! I am Nick Chrestenson and I grew up in San Jose, California. I moved to Missoula, Montana when I was 18 so I could attend the University of Montana. I ended up graduating with a broadcasting degree from the UM School…