Montana’s youngest Public Service Commission Chairman is 31-year-old Travis Kavulla, who may be the youngest PSC chairman in the entire United States. This November, Kavulla was chosen to represent PSCs from all over the U.S. as president of their National Association.

"The group is the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners," Kavulla said. "It's been around for 127 years and it represents 200 utility commissioners across the country. It really is one of the most prominent and influential voices on water, energy and telecommunication policy before congress."

Kavulla says his duties are two-fold, to help ensure that PSC members are educated and well prepared for the jobs, but the other will likely involve some frequent visits to Washington D.C.

"The other duty is really representing state interests in front of federal agencies and congress," Kavulla explained. "I plan on testifying before congressional committees, submitting comments on behalf of the organization to federal agencies in addition to keeping up my day job here in Montana... it is really flattering to be chosen by your colleagues."

Kavulla will be in a unique position to help represent Montana and its interests on a national level and says the Pipeline Safety Bill is an example of one issue before congress he plans to weigh-in on.

Kavulla will be president of NARUC for one year, but he still has till 2018 before he finishes his term as a Montana PSC chairman, at that point, he will be termed out of office. Kavulla said although he would like to remain a part of the political world he has not yet planned on where he will go next.