Ahh Missoula... home for mountain hippies and Griz fans alike. Its a place where all types come together in an eclectic mix which Keeps Missoula Weird. This is our list of what makes Missoula the brightest gem in the treasure state.

...Your lab is named Maggie, Daisy, Max or Bandit.

...Your second job is writing a novel.

...You have a strong distaste for Bobcats.

...Two out of every third person has asthma.

...You think the medical crisis is when the corner pot store closes.

...You wait to buy your carrots until the grocery store carries organic.

...You never know what the weather will be in June, snow or 100 degrees.

...You know what a “Rocky Mountain Oyster” is.

...You never plan a picnic between 3:00 and 6:00 in Spring or Summer months.

...You refer to the Bitterroot Valley as the “root”.

...Your second vehicle is an inner tube.

...You don’t mind waiting in line 40 minutes at Big Dipper Ice Cream.

...You never get tired when shopping yard sales because every other street corner has a free couch.

...When you are surprised that every other vehicle isn't a Prius.

...Your idea of light exercise is the Missoula Marathon.

...You think the more bumper stickers on your Subaru will get you more dates.

...When the urban deer fight you for your delivery pizza.

...When Saturday breakfast is at the 7am tailgate before a Griz Football game.

...When the cities newest employees are a sheep dog and its herd of sheep.

...When the transient on the corner with his cardboard sign makes more in a month than you do.